Oasis Skate Parks - FAQ

There are a lot of factors to consider when selecting a location for your skate park.

  1. Locations which are highly visible are chosen to help prevent vandalism and are more secure due to more constant passive surveillance.
  2. Skate parks should be located, if possible close to public transport.
  3. Another important site consideration is proximity to food shops and other amenities.
  4. The selected location should if possible, cater for any possible future expansion.
  5. Locations adjacent to other sporting facilities are good as they encourage integration of the facility.

A well designed facility should have elements to cater for all types of users, street, transition and bowl.

There are several advantages with concrete compared to pre-fabricated wooden or steel structures.

  1. Concrete requires little or no on going maintenance.
  2. Concrete is much quieter than steel or timber.
  3. Concrete skate parks have much more flexibility when it comes to design, with almost any shape possible.
  4. Although concrete skate parks are slightly more expensive in the initial outlay, this extra cost is worth it due to the fact that once in place there is minimal upkeep required.

We have professional indemnity insurance for the design of skate parks.

We also have construction and extensive public liability insurance for the construction of skate parks.