Staff Profiles

John Gray

John started skateboarding in 1974 at Quakers hill in Sydney where he rode the walls in the local canal, he also rode at a host of other   Sydney hot spots including Harris Park bowl, Manly Skate City and North Ryde skate park. In 1978 John became Junior state champion after winning the first half-pipe contest in NSW held at Manly Skate City.  

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Dave Clancy

Dave started skateboarding around  1976 after hearing a series of loud banging noises coming from the next door neighbours house.

The noise turned out to be a skateboard ramp, consisting of three 8'x4' plywood sheets the last of which was the vertical. Across the fence were Robert  "Wedge" Francis, Adrian Jones, David "DHD' Hill and other Pymble pool locals. Amazed by what he saw he decided that this was the sport for him. Soon afterwards he built his own "vert" ramp and started learning the new sport.

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Gary Nowlan

"One of our few rock-hard-core early generation skaters, Gary Nowlan is still going strong. He's seen the evolution of skating in Australia since year dot.

Gary doesn't rave, but has a deadly dry sense of humour, filled with cynicism which is finely tuned from many years of skating for no one but him self. Love him, hate him, ignore him......he won't care".

Darren Burford, Slam Magazine     Issue No 7

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